A Fresh Look at an Old Idea: Klark


I’m taking a break tonight from my usual writing to work on something else that has been nagging at me ever since I got inspired to write up a scratch treatment of a character of mine called Klark, who dates back to friggin’ high school. Whoa! Just like me, Klark is older and a touch wiser now, and I think I finally have a solid idea of how to build a story (series, actually) and entire neo-futuristic world around him. Old ideas never die, apparently.

I read somewhere that for this to be a bona fide author site, I need to throw down some sample writing. I am loath to put up any actual WIP, so just for you, dear readers, I created a sample page that may or may not ever get used in Klark: Volume One. Enjoy!

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Notes from the Field: July 11 2017

Yep, that’s me, hard at work pretending to be editing my book manuscript.

But! I’m about 1/3 of the way through marking it up. I need to spend some more time marking up the other 2/3, but Jaime and I have some personal stuff happening this week (hence no Disney video this past weekend, as an aside to anyone who came over here from YouTube wondering where we went) and I’ve been spending my nights working on Book Two because of course I am. I really do need to get back to Book One, and I promise I will. I kinda have to, unless I can pull off some sort of George Lucas thing and start in the middle, then release Book One 20 years later or something.

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Video Notes: Our last visit to the 2017 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Hey, it’s the weekend, which must mean that we went to Disney World! And son of a gun, wouldn’t you know it, we did!

Click here for the video if it’s not showing up below.


More notes and bonus features after the jump:

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Video Notes: Beating the Heat at Hollywood Studios

It’s the weekend, which means we have returned to Disney World for more fun! Also Sun, which is nice in moderation. How can you get lots of Disney World without lots of heat stroke and sunburn? Click here for the video or watch it below:


We enjoyed making this video… not just because Jaime came up with a theme for the week, but because we got to check out lots of new stuff at Hollywood Studios. For example, there is a new BB-8 character experience at the Launch Bay that is in addition to the other experiences everyone already knows and loves. I was amazed at how quickly they built it.

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Video Notes: Finally… Back at Epcot!

Hooray! At long last, we made it back to Disney World! Yes, I am well aware that there are people all over the place that either don’t or can’t go to Disney World every weekend, or at all. I get that. But being honest, we moved here to be closer to Disney World. We’re very fortunate to live down here and we’re very grateful. But three weeks of no Disney World was a bitter pill.

Click here for the video if it is not showing up below:


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Video Notes: DeLeon Springs and Pancakes

Our Disney annual passes are still blacked out for Spring Break, and that means another opportunity to check out a place that has been on our to-do list for a while (it’s been on Jaime’s list even longer): DeLeon Springs State Park, or more to the point, the Old Spanish Sugar Mill restaurant.

Click here for the video if it is not showing up below. Additional commentary and photos follow.


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