Sketchbook: Forgotten

For those of you who tune in for actual art, instead of how-to diagrams, it’s time for another “I drew this” episode, featuring my $3 sketchbook and another find by way of FreeImages. Today’s installment: “Forgotten”. (Photo credit: Ben C)


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Sketchbook: Skills Sharpening

It was a very hectic work day on Monday and there was barely time for any sort of art-related shenanigans except strictly for breaks and lunch. Sad trombone! But that’s okay, the day job is important. I fit in the art stuff when and where I can, both home and away. Today features a little of each.

Continuing with yesterday’s theme, I did the “the item closest to you is your subject, now sketch” thing and kept at it, turning the pencil sharpener at different angles to get used to approaching the same item from different angles.



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Sketchbook: Expanding the Toolbox

Ever since I got all hopped up on trying out the tutorials and other exercises over at Rapid Fire Art, I decided to “invest” in a set of drawing pencils. I say that in quotes because Michaels has a series of art supplies called “Artist’s Loft” that tends to run about $5 USD per item/set, depending on what you’re into. I stopped by this weekend and picked up a set of colored pencils as well, because the set I’ve been using is rather brittle and certain colors aren’t holding up to being sharpened very well. Oh well. More on that story later, by the way.


Note: I am not receiving any sort of compensation from anybody referenced in this blog post. If that ever changes, I will disclose accordingly. Just saying.

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Sketchbook: RFA Lesson 2 Homework

Rapid Fire Art: The adventure continues. If you want to learn how to sketch, or learn how to improve your existing skills, click here to explore the whole site. I have no affiliation with this site other than being an enthusiastic supporter.

In our last episode, I was learning how to draw objects the Darlene Nguyen way. I went from “no way, not going to even try drawing objects” to “and, another one done” in minutes. It’s that easy! Really!

She gives homework every week, and since I just joined in I am doing the Lesson 2 homework in its entirety. I started doing it yesterday.

Today’s obstacle: Landscapes!

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Sketchbook: RFA Sketch Tutorial Lesson 2 (Proof of Concept)

Speed recap: Art track, portraits, anime, adult coloring, new ideas… and now Rapid Fire Art, dot com.

Having just sung Darlene Nguyen’s praises on this very site, I tuned in today to find Lesson 2 of her How to Draw series. It’s free! You should try it. I did. /unsolicited testimonial

Today’s hurdle: Objects!

I’ve never been particularly good at drawing objects, especially still life assortments that my art teacher used to toss together. Funny and true story about that at the end of this post.

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