A Fresh Look at an Old Idea: Klark


I’m taking a break tonight from my usual writing to work on something else that has been nagging at me ever since I got inspired to write up a scratch treatment of a character of mine called Klark, who dates back to friggin’ high school. Whoa! Just like me, Klark is older and a touch wiser now, and I think I finally have a solid idea of how to build a story (series, actually) and entire neo-futuristic world around him. Old ideas never die, apparently.

I read somewhere that for this to be a bona fide author site, I need to throw down some sample writing. I am loath to put up any actual WIP, so just for you, dear readers, I created a sample page that may or may not ever get used in Klark: Volume One. Enjoy!

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Book Update: The Second Wave

Now that the book has been officially written, in that there’s a first draft and I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that I know how it ends, I took a few days off before working on round two: Formatting, rewriting, and editing.


Yeah, yeah, here I go with the blur-o-vision again. And no, the page “shown” isn’t formatted properly. That’s just where I left off when I made the screen grab.

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Sketchbook: Gracie

I’m taking a break from the book for a few days to let some ideas settle. While that sits and stews, I got in some art work on Wednesday:


This is very much the rough cut, kind of like the state the book is in right now. This reminds me of a police artist sketch where it’s not an exact likeness, but in the ball park. Meet Gracie.

Of the bunch, Gracie for me is the most fun to write. She’s in her early 20’s (21, I think) and trying to sort out what to do with her life. She’s bold and opinionated, but learning that having all of the answers aren’t the same thing as having all of the solutions.

I tried to sketch up the hair cut she gets during the story, but I really didn’t get there. It’s supposed to be a fade on her right side with a pixie cut on the left, more or less. I’m not that hip to women’s hair styles.

Gracie is the polar opposite of her middle sister Agnes. I had fun writing scenes with the two of them, as they really challenged me: I want the characters to be recognizably different from one another, just by dialogue alone. The things they wear and other affectations are window dressing. I believe I have succeeded, just in the rough draft.

I’ll tighten up the draft soon and work more fictional magic, but anyway, it was fun to visualize my favorite character and get some sketching in.

Sketchbook: Sunglasses vs Un-Glasses

As told on this very site, the lion’s share of my creative energy is being channeled toward writing a book. This means I haven’t been working on much else, artistically.

To further gum up the works, I finally went back to wearing contacts and have been acclimating yesterday and today. I found quickly that the only way to see anything sharply within about 3 feet of me involves reading glasses.

Today I whipped out the sketchbook and sketched up the sunglasses I am finally able to wear:

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Video Notes: Beating the Heat at Hollywood Studios

It’s the weekend, which means we have returned to Disney World for more fun! Also Sun, which is nice in moderation. How can you get lots of Disney World without lots of heat stroke and sunburn? Click here for the video or watch it below:


We enjoyed making this video… not just because Jaime came up with a theme for the week, but because we got to check out lots of new stuff at Hollywood Studios. For example, there is a new BB-8 character experience at the Launch Bay that is in addition to the other experiences everyone already knows and loves. I was amazed at how quickly they built it.

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