From A to B

As told in my previous post, what was once Klark: Volume One is now (tentatively, yet probably) Crossed Out: The Ana Lode Series #1. Wait, what? How did I go from “this is a series about a masked vigilante named Klark” to “this is a series about a badass rogue cop with masked vigilante flavoring added”?

I studied, and made adjustments. Simple as that. The long-winded explanation follows.

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A Fresh Look at an Old Idea: Klark


I’m taking a break tonight from my usual writing to work on something else that has been nagging at me ever since I got inspired to write up a scratch treatment of a character of mine called Klark, who dates back to friggin’ high school. Whoa! Just like me, Klark is older and a touch wiser now, and I think I finally have a solid idea of how to build a story (series, actually) and entire neo-futuristic world around him. Old ideas never die, apparently.

I read somewhere that for this to be a bona fide author site, I need to throw down some sample writing. I am loath to put up any actual WIP, so just for you, dear readers, I created a sample page that may or may not ever get used in Klark: Volume One. Enjoy!

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The Wisdom of Glenn the Temp

Many years ago (1990-1994) I worked for Panasonic. Toward the middle of that run, three area warehouses converged into one super-sized Distribution Center. For the vast majority of my time with the company, there was a 50-50 mix of permanent employees (such as myself) and temps (we didn’t call them contractors, as is fashionable now). The most influential of the bunch was a highly educated guy named Glenn.

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Regarding the Drakester

My renewed enthusiasm for creating art -namely sketching and drawing – has also brought thoughts to my high school days, and my immersive interest in art at the time. So immersive that any chance I got to get back into the art room during the school day (or even after) I’d grab it without hesitation.

Now that I am much older, and those days have long passed (recent Google searches seem to inevitably end with “retired from teaching in [year]”) I’m finding that perspective wasn’t just a unit in art class.

Another one of those “All About Ethan” history lessons follows – fair warning to anyone who was here for pretty pictures. There will be more, not to worry!

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Sketchbook: Expanding the Toolbox

Ever since I got all hopped up on trying out the tutorials and other exercises over at Rapid Fire Art, I decided to “invest” in a set of drawing pencils. I say that in quotes because Michaels has a series of art supplies called “Artist’s Loft” that tends to run about $5 USD per item/set, depending on what you’re into. I stopped by this weekend and picked up a set of colored pencils as well, because the set I’ve been using is rather brittle and certain colors aren’t holding up to being sharpened very well. Oh well. More on that story later, by the way.


Note: I am not receiving any sort of compensation from anybody referenced in this blog post. If that ever changes, I will disclose accordingly. Just saying.

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Completed: VF-1J Battroid

For my next finished artwork, I’m going old school once more with an original series Macross reference. Fan art supplied by this Pixiv user (I could not find an accurate translation of the artist’s name, sorry). Behold, the VF-IJ Battroid:



Yeah yeah, you’re wondering which one of the Transformers this is. Wrong! If memory serves, Macross pre-dates the Transformers. Another distinction is that only certain things “transform” in the context of the greater story. So nyah. (I looked it up, Macross pre-dates the Transformers by 2 years.)

I can only speak to any degree of authority regarding the Americanized version of the show that we know as Robotech. The reveal as to why their fighter jets can/need to convert into this format was quite clever.

Anyway, with regard to the artwork, I really liked the sketch but the mecha was really difficult to color effectively. Less was more, in true Anime fashion.

Fashion Plates – Just for the girls?


Jaime ordered the mega super duper supreme edition of “Fashion Plates”, which women of a certain age may associate with their childhood, like Jaime does. After this purchase, I have concluded that adulthood is a second crack at childhood. Now, there’s nobody to say no! Or now, there’s money to buy the stuff you missed out on when your allowance was comparatively little!

It seems to be the same for dudes, and Star Wars stuff. Just sayin’.

Jaime demonstrates how it works (click here for the video if the embedded one doesn’t show up):

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