Sketchbook: RFA Lesson Four Homework

I finally made time to play catch up with the ongoing beginner drawing tutorials at Rapid Fire Art. I left off at Lesson Four: Proportions.

There were four homework sketches for this lesson. I posted one here earlier. Here are the other three.

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How I Paint a Room with Latex Paint

Because Mark asked, I’m providing my championship method for relative pain-free interior house painting. Or: The painting technique that starving college painters don’t want you to know!

I am paying this forward, as I used to have terrible interior painting technique and paid for it dearly with sore muscles and boatloads of aggravation. A maintenance man I used to know showed me his winning technique and I literally made at least $3000 USD painting apartments ever since. If you do the same after this, remember who learnt ya.

Here are is half of a room, for demonstration purposes:

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