Notes from the Field: October 2 2017

It’s a new month, a new quarter, and I’m 5 days away from another overnight stay at Disney World. Here’s what’s happening in the meantime:

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Tan, Rested, and Ready

We’re back from Disney World! And while that’s normally a “so what else is new” statement around here, what’s different about this time is, we’re back from FIVE DAYS at Disney World! Believe it or not, it wasn’t enough.

Videos are going up on our YouTube Channel slowly but surely. The dogs are back from the sitter – finding a reliable sitter was a game changer – and wondering where they live, really. They’ll be back on their schedules soon enough, in time for us to goof them up again.

In other news, a few of my active queries have either been actively turned down or silently passed on. I have four active queries left at the moment, and as I get back up to speed in my author chair I have to research some more agents/agencies to contact.

I put writing on hold last week for the most part as I knew the trip would throw off my routine. Now I have to get back into my daily groove.


Video Notes: Our last visit to the 2017 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

Hey, it’s the weekend, which must mean that we went to Disney World! And son of a gun, wouldn’t you know it, we did!

Click here for the video if it’s not showing up below.


More notes and bonus features after the jump:

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Video Notes: Breakfast at the Wave

We’ve been doing half-day Disney trips lately. C’est la vie! I think we’ve finally hit the point where we don’t feel like we have to cram entire trips into 8 hours and just pick and choose activities of interest at any given time. With that enticing intro, here’s the video. Click here if it is not showing up below.


Now for the notes and bonus features:

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