Things I had to share, to warm up for Wednesday night’s writing session (yes, this is posted the morning after):

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Completed: Rogue, my favorite X-Men character

Once upon a time, I had a rather large comic collection. I had nine or ten filled boxes, filed neatly, with mylar sleeves and cardboard backings. And as Marvel comics went, the X-Men was one of my favorites. And of the many(!) characters, I gravitated to Rogue. I’m not quite sure why. I think it was partly because the X-Men was an ensemble comic and they did a good job of giving her storylines and alternately relegating her to a background image.

Here she is, in full view:


Fan art provided by Phil Noto.

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Completed: Spider-Gwen and Batgirl Meet the Chiropractor

As mentioned somewhere around here, I have a slush pile of designs to work on stored up on Pinterest. I normally don’t use Pinterest all that much but lately I have pity for anyone on my feed because it’s been rather one-track minded these days. Anywho… I liked the Rook Brantley fan art I colored so much that I went out looking for other fan art to “assist with”, and decided literally for no good reason to search for “Spider-Gwen“.

Background: I was at a fairly local comic store a long while back and I was flipping through the posters, just to be thorough (the store is HUGE) and I happened across one for “Spider-Gwen”, which struck me as absolutely ludicrous. I looked it up later and learned about the concept of the character, and apparently it’s actually not a bad comic, but I gave up comics after my collection got swamped in a basement flood and I didn’t want to re-trace my steps.

Anyway, had I known more about the character, I would have had an inkling that Spider-Gwen… isn’t that color-tastic.

But, for some odd reason the fan artist decided to pair her up with Batgirl, so that made for a bit of contrast:

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