I’ve moved!

I’ve upgraded to a custom domain and web hosting.


Crossed Out: An Ana Lode Thriller is launching soon! And to prepare for the big day, I’ve upgraded to a custom domain and web hosting. Update your bookmarks, and I’ll see you at http://officialethanjohnson.com/ !

This site will stay online for posterity, and because I didn’t migrate all of it to the new one.

Notes from the Field: December 18 2017

I am committed to producing a quality product, and a quality product you shall have, soon.

2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for Jaime and I, but 2017 is still hanging in there. Here’s what’s going on these days:

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Want WIP? DEAD SHOT Sneak Preview!

Don’t be shocked if none of this makes the final cut.

I’m violating an Author Ruleā„¢ of some sort, but as I paused to admire the initial draft of Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Thriller I thought, “Hey, how about a sneak preview for the web site?”

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Three Important Author Questions, Revisited

For professional and personal reasons, I have been very reluctant to openly state my answer to #1.

I mentioned in a prior update that I stumbled upon three questions every creative type should be asking themselves, by way of Dan Blank. To recap, they are as follows:

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Killing the Productivity with Motivation Addiction

Whether I release 6 titles or 1, absolutely none of it is going to get done unless I get it done.

I’m always on the lookout for tips and insights into the publishing biz, or how to be a better writer, or just general items of interest. (Hey, I’ve gotta have some fun.) I don’t know how I did it, but I found Dean Wesley Smith’s web site, and by extension, his series called Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing. It’s full of great stuff! Which is both good and bad.

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Photos from the Field: November 2017 Edition

I take photos from time to time, and here are a select few.

I was too slow on the draw to get this up before the month ended, so here it is a few days later. I take photos from time to time, and here are a select few, with the intent of adding some variety to offset my usual progress updates as I write several manuscripts.

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