Notes from the Field: December 11 2017

Little by little… bit by bit…


Time for another update…

  • Numbers first: 20K! I’m officially 25% done (assuming an 80K target) with the initial draft of Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Thriller. To recap, this is the companion series/initial offering to Crossed Out: An Ana Lode Thriller. I expected this to be a one-off when I conceived of it, but now that the story is emerging and Diane is revealing herself to be a far more complex (and therefore, interesting) character, I’m super excited to see where it leads, and how the two storylines mesh together for the inevitable final showdown.
  • In Crossed Out news, barring a catastrophe, I believe the cover design has been sorted out. if so, I’m a step closer to setting a firm pre-order date. Sadly, it won’t be available for Christmas. Sooner than March 2018, though. I will reveal the cover art when the pre-order announcement goes out.

    I worked on the developmental draft last night as my weekly word count quota was met for Dead Shot. I have to fit in the time somehow.

  • Speaking of catastrophes, we haven’t been to Disney World for two weeks. Does anybody even know what that means? Can’t you see that I’m the victim here? Actually, our YouTube channel is, as I have been doling out material from November in dribs and drabs. With any luck, we’ll get a trip in this coming weekend, then we’re blacked out for two weeks.

    If you want to see our videos, just follow the link on the right sidebar, or down below, or wherever the YouTube widget shows up on your device.

  • Jaime and I took a flyer on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon,
    and we loved it! My only beef with the show, and it’s more an “area of concern” is that Lenny Bruce is used as a recurring character on the show. I’m wondering why they didn’t create an archetype (composite character) for him and avoid the whole “using real people in fiction” debacle. I suspect I know the “why” of it and it goes beyond name-dropping. I won’t spoil it for now, so you have a fighting chance at forming your own opinions about the show.
  • Finally, it’s finally time for Star Wars Episode VIII. I took Friday off from my day job so I can get to the theater stress-free, and hopefully avoid massive spoilers. Can’t wait!

Here’s to the next of many milestones… have a great week!

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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