Notes from the Field: November 1 2017

It’s all fun and games writing the first draft, but…

Meet the new month/same as the old month

(Well, I hope not, anyway.)

  • I’ll get right to the numbers: Crossed Out: The Ana Lode Series, Book One stands at 35000+ words as of this writing. My goal for this week (ending Sunday) is 40,000, so I’m well on pace. My plan is to work on something else after meeting the weekly goal. Then next week, I’ll do another 10K words, because I’m sunnily optimistic like that.

    You read that correctly, my weekly goal is 10,000 words just for that title, with a target of ~80,000. Much depends on the story, and how long it takes to tell properly.

    It’s something of an action flick, so I’m banging away on the keys a lot because a) I listen to synthwave mixes while I’m writing and b) when the pace picks up so does my typing speed.

  • I have written scratch notes for another related book that will either be a tie-in (one off) or a parallel series. I’m still mulling it over, as I am as yet unsure if this just means I have a cool character that needs more “screen time” or if there’s much, much more to tell, and another book is the appropriate venue.
  • I’ve been making my way through the archives at Jane Friedman’s indispensable blog and found this:

    No one wants to just sit and write! Not even Beckett wanted to just sit and write. Seriously. Beckett acknowledged that one of the reasons he did those TV plays for German public TV stations in the 1970s was to get out of the (…) house. If Beckett can’t abide just sitting down and writing, then any writer can find emotional and cultural stimulation by engaging with society. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    Why is it that you want to write? Because you have something you want to say on some level. On some level you want to be loved by some percentage of the world. How about you get out there into the world and feel it? Do chefs say “I just want to be left alone and cook”?

    Speaking for myself, I’m feeling urgency to write in a “let’s get on with it, already” way. Once I have a few completed titles under my belt maybe I’ll view writing as a necessary evil or something.

  • Despite my blistering writing pace, I am forecasting Q1 2018 to actually release a title. Crossed Out is my intended opening salvo, followed by at least 2 more titles by the end of 2018.

    It’s all fun and games writing the first draft, but I figure I have at least two more to go before I can reasonably hope to offer a quality product that the reading public will enjoy.

  • Oh, and NO I am not doing NaNoWriMo. Not that anyone asked, just felt the need to add that disclaimer.

I’ll have some other things to say later this week, but for now, just keep typing… just keep typing…

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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