Book Update: Seven is a Magic Number

The hurrying up and waiting can officially begin in earnest. I queried 7 literary agents in 2 days, and now wait to hear something promising back. (The magic words are “send pages.”)

This is where having a second manuscript to work on really helps, I think. I could go bonkers waiting for my email to ping or phone to buzz, but as this process can take weeks or months, and I hear they’re really big into soft rejections at these agencies, having something to feel productive with is a good thing.

Cue Mom asking, “Is your bed made? Is your homework done?”

I read that the aspiring author should have a maximum of 7 queries in circulation at one time, should one be curious why I used that target.

My trusty bullet journal is getting a workout:


(Note I sent 1 on Sunday, hence the 6 in the Monday slot.)

Despite all of the stress, anxiety, and high hopes that factor in to this process, I’ll be happy to break new ground with my beloved cast of characters throughout the week.


(Jean-Paul Belmondo in Le Magnifique, one of my all time favorite movies.)


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