Book Update: Here Goes…

Well! Just like that, the following events have occurred since Friday:

  • I wrote out a damn good query letter
  • I edited the fifth draft of Book One within an inch of its life (truly, I think it’s down to niggling over commas and “this word and not that”, but that’s just me)
  • I queried a literary agent
  • /breathes into paper bag

The plan was to wait until September, but considering the guiding philosophy that led to the writing of this 420-page manuscript — “I’m just going to do it” — I couldn’t push it off any longer. If this is a mistake, it’s a mistake I must make.

Hooooo boy. This is huge.


Fine, here’s the first ten pages of the manuscript, literary agent! Gaaaah! (Note: Not actual photo of agent.)

Oh, and I said I was considering posting my query letter here for posterity. Not yet. I want to send it out a few more times and then I’ll relent. I don’t want to muddy the waters just yet.


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