Notes from the Field: August 2 2017

It’s getting real in the rough-and-tumble world of aspiring authorship.


It’s getting real in the rough-and-tumble world of aspiring authorship:

  • It’s a new month (hooray!) and with that, a new monthly overview page in my bullet journal (yes, I’m still doing that). I’ve set a goal for myself to get a query letter template ready by the end of the month. Ideally, I’d like to start sending them out in September.


    Because July ended on a Monday, and normally my journal weeks run Monday to Sunday, this week has 6 days, but no worries, as it’s back to normal business next week.

  • For the record, I’m tracking daily Book Work (edits to Book One – I’m on the fourth draft), Writing (Book Two work – I am about 25000 words into the first draft as of this writing), Query Letter Work (research, trial and error, complaining), and Blog Posts (voila).
  • Here’s what last week looked like, which was pre-Query Letter work:


    Oooh, ahhh. Yes, I’ve really been on a roll with Book Two lately! However, unlike my approach to Book One I have been allowing myself to stop mid-chapter, or even mid-paragraph, rather than insisting on plowing through to the end of the chapter before calling it a night.

  • I’m excited about and daunted by the query letter process. That’s a huge step, and loaded with a lot of hurrying up and waiting, following by soul-crushing rejection, but I have to say, I asked for it. We’ll see how cavalier I am about it after triple digit rejections, although if that is to be the case I certainly hope constructive feedback came with it and not simply “nope”. (Or silence, same thing.)
  • In other news: Jaime and I have been making our way through the British panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats, a show about polls, headlines, and statistics! And Jimmy Carr is the host, which means he manages to make all of those things filthy.

    I’m enjoying the show (programme?), and am seeing some new faces (to us), like Sean Lock. He looks like a South Park character, facially. Just saying. Just… watch the show. You’ll see what I mean during the intro.

    Here’s something I learned, after looking up Sean Lock on YouTube: There’s this popular participation dance called the “Okey Cokey”. And you put your right arm in…

    /nags at me for days
    //Googles it

    Me: England is weird! They call the Hokey Pokey the “Okey Cokey”. What’s their problem? Why can’t they be like everyone else?

    /reads further

    Oh, they made it up. Why is the rest of the world weird?

  • SRSLY, you guys, can you believe that prior to say, 1950 there was NO HOKEY POKEY in America?! (Not to the extent that we know of it now, anyway, saved it.)
  • Okay, back to my many drafts and whatnot. Enjoy your week.
  • Oh, and PS, I came up with another book series, completely unrelated (in every conceivable way) last week. I don’t dare work on it yet, but sheesh, when it rains it pours!

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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