Notes from the Field: July 24 2017

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s been happening at this end lately.


Here’s a quickie brief rundown of what’s been happening at this end these days lately:

  • My brother has been reading his copy of book one, draft three, and dutifully sending me texts with corrections. Fortunately, the stiff stuff he had has caught flew under the spell check radar, becauss because they weren’t typos by way of misspellings, but typically a letter missing in a word that threw off the sentence, like “sized” vs. “seized”. All errors have been fixed thus far, thanks, Brian!
  • While book one marinates for a while, I am working on book two. I’m continuing the fine tradition of short chapters, however I’m already well over 15000 words, which is about 1/5 of the way to novel length. I always intend to fill in the shortest chapters with more material, however if I’m just typing filler, it’s going to get cut anyway, right? I did flesh out some thin chapters in book one, so there is a precedent for it, at least.
  • In non-writing news, we made it back to Disney World over the weekend! We tried to put an emphasis on seeing some of the things that are, or will be going away, but ended up getting in some “firsts” as well. Neither of us had eaten at Tutto Italia before, and neither of us had seen a full Jammitors set. For as often as we go, it doesn’t seem possible that there could be things we haven’t done and seen, but yes indeed, there are several! For example, I haven’t been to the Abracadabar. And I haven’t taken a ride on the Astro Orbiter. (I might not fit?)epcot_f_l_promo
  • The video of our WDW adventure is here, if you take a notion to look in on it.
  • After a long boycott, I have taken up shopping for groceries at Aldi. Trust me on this, if you shopped at one in the 1980s, you’d swear it off too. Well, I’m happy to say that they’ve cleaned up their act quite a bit, and our average weekly haul is around $60, whereas the comparable trip to Super Target would be $120. Aldi doesn’t have everything, but their selection changes enough to make things interesting. I just picked up diced Pancetta (for the next time I make pasta with red sauce) for $2.50. Score!
  • I say this because after a particularly terrible trip to the Super Target today, the self checkout machine spat out a load of coupons (pictured below) which I stuffed into one of the bags. I took a look at them before I sat down at the computer and saw that they’re really pulling out all of the stops to encourage me/us to switch back over. I think they’re noticing a downward trend in my/our participation there.20170723_213353

    $20 off a Keurig? Shut up and take my money! /shops at Aldi

    BTW, I covered up the bar codes so as not to engage in coupon fraud. Get your own!

  • And finally, I’m very happy that Jaime is doing so well after surgery. She has been doing all of the right things, including not going to Disney World two days after surgery – believe me, the urge was strong – and her doctor is going to be amazed at the follow up appointment.
  • Time to face the last full work week of July…

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