Book Update: July 17 2017

As of this past weekend, work is well underway on Draft Three of Book One. 


As of this past weekend, work is well underway on Draft Three of Book One.

  • As intended, the draft is much tighter.
  • To be fair, draft one was intentionally loose. If it stayed loose with each successive draft, it could be fairly asked if maybe someone else should be doing this and not me.
  • My goal is to refine the drafts down as tight as I can get them, then defer to an editor later in the process as desired. I don’t want to pitch crap to an agent, on the flip side, I don’t want to obsess over editing if there really is an acceptable (and perhaps expected) hand-off point.
  • To clarify, I really would like this to be “print ready” without being a self-published e-book. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not my goal.
  • The word count is not changing drastically, because after I cut out excess crud, I end up writing additional paragraphs elsewhere to flesh out a scene, for example. One way I identified areas to expand on were times when I had an “off the record” explanation for something (back story, basically) that did not appear in the draft. This gets tricky, however, as some things are not meant to resolve until Book Two or Three.
  • Another joy of juggling multiple manuscripts is maintaining continuity. However, working on Book Two while Jaime read through Book One helped me establish certain conventions across the books, and now I can reach back to Book One and tweak it accordingly.
  • Not be all John Lasseter over here, but I’m really excited about this book. I hope with all of my heart that this finds its way to a publisher and out into the world. To paraphrase Walt Disney, I don’t know if the world wants another book, but I’m damn sure not going to give it a bad one. So the refining continues apace.
  • In case you’re wondering, I listen to primarily instrumental music while I work, partly to drown out background noises, and partly to keep me going. Most often I am listening to either Down to the Moon or White Winds by Andreas Vollenweider. Lately I have thrown in some old school Cirque du Soleil soundtracks, mainly Mystere.
  • And in closing, I have reached a massively problematic part of the story. Back when it was all new and being written more or less as a stream of consciousness thing, it seemed like a great idea to take the idea and run with it. But the logical inconsistencies are so terrible that if they’re not fixed now, they’ll potentially ruin the story for those who can’t or won’t gloss over them. Rather than play Plot Hole Chicken with my readers, I have to fix this. Ugh! Stupid “write as you go” approach!

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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