Notes from the Field: July 5 2017

July 4 has come and gone. What’s been happening with me and mine?


July 4 has come and gone. What’s been happening with me and mine?

  • Jaime is inching closer to completing her read-through of draft 2 of book 1. No pressure, but I may start red-penning it by Friday.
  • I am writing book 2 in the meantime. It’s been challenging, as it isn’t pouring out of me the way book 1 did. To be fair, book 1 was all new, all the time, whereas book 2 continues the story, and now things like continuity loom large over the proceedings. Plus, if stuff gets deleted from book 1, that could have a cascading effect downstream. I’m writing 1 chapter per session, sporadically. (They aren’t very long chapters, continuing the book 1 trend.)
  • I wanted to get outdoors this weekend (besides our weekly trek to Disney World) but the rain here has been difficult to work around. I’m not particularly interested in hiking through slop. The heat index was 111F this weekend as well, so yeah… air conditioning won, decisively.
  • I got in a couple of movies this weekend via Netflix: Both French, with varying degrees of quality. La Belle Saison (Summertime for the rest of us) and Blue is the Warmest Color. They’re basically the same movie, set 44 years apart. Believe it or don’t, this was book research as I really need/want a specific relationship in my story to read realistically. Arguably Blue… isn’t the best yardstick for this, but despite the controversy about the director’s methods, it was a powerful film. I did not read the source material.
  • Incidentally, to inquiring minds, the best advice I have found regarding depicting same-sex relationships is to treat the characters like people. I think films like Blue… get slammed for the sex scenes (by way of the male director) but ignore what worked – the dynamic between the characters outside of the bedroom. (Summertime was made by a female director and was dinged for gratuitous sex as well, so there’s apparently no winning for losing.) I’m principally interested in depicting the day-to-day relationship aspects realistically and not writing porn.
  • Finally, I made art! I took a huge regressive step backward and did a coloring pattern, but after a weeks-long drought I needed something, anything. I have found that creativity in any form feeds into other outlets. My writing improved once I got to coloring in pre-fab patterns. YMMV, etc. (The pattern exceeds 4×6 inches so the rough edge could be trimmed down before framing, if I ever bother.)



Have a good week!

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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