RFA Lesson 4 is Up: Proportions

I see how it is: I get wrapped up in writing a book, and Rapid Fire Art does 2 tutorials inside of a week. Today’s lesson: Proportions!

Before I get into that, I want it to be known that I finally made time to derp around with my sketchbook, and as per Lesson 3, I was in fact trying to do 3D.

/tosses that lesson over my shoulder


I don’t want to be completely dismissive of that lesson, but I found it hard to get motivated over geometric shapes. This will surely come back to haunt me later.


Lesson 4 is all about proportions: What they are, how to measure them, and how to check your work.

The homework involves using the techniques to draw a series of still life arrangements. Here is the entry-level basic arrangement:


Just to gauge my raw mistake-making abilities, I used none of the techniques and used the time honored process called “winging it”:


That’s all well and good for the moment, but as I work on the rest of the exercises I’m going to have to play ball and try the different measuring techniques.


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