Video Notes: Breakfast at the Wave

Take a little Disney trip with us!


We’ve been doing half-day Disney trips lately. C’est la vie! I think we’ve finally hit the point where we don’t feel like we have to cram entire trips into 8 hours and just pick and choose activities of interest at any given time. With that enticing intro, here’s the video. Click here if it is not showing up below.


Now for the notes and bonus features:

I’ve only been to The Wave one other time. If memory serves that was around Thanksgiving 2013. I had moved back to Illinois from Wisconsin, gotten married, and we went on a “honeymoon tour”. Prior to that time I had only been to Epcot, for one day. (If step counting had been a thing for me back then it would have been in the 35000 range, or it sure felt like it.)

And… dinner there was “okay”. Clearly it didn’t light a fire under me to come back sooner. Well, we got a 9:00am reservation on short notice for this morning and decided “why not?”


The buffet was moderately priced (for Disney). $22 USD per person including non-alcoholic beverages, which at that time of day frankly for me means “coffee”. They also bring out a blend of fruit juices in a tiny bottle. It was good! Tiny, but good.

It was a quick jaunt over to the Magic Kingdom. Right off the bat we walked up on a song ‘n dance show on Main Street, and one way to break that up is for me to press “record” on my phone. Seriously, they did jazz hands and hopped on the trolley not one minute after we walked up.


We haven’t been going to New Fantasyland or Tomorrowland very often. We tend to hole up in Adventureland when we do make it to the Magic Kingdom. Today I steered us to the Laugh Floor, and it was one of the best shows we’ve seen in a while. Much looser! Lots of throw-back jokes from the opening “juxtapositional humor” bit they do when everyone is filing in.

We got our steps in by winding around the long way, through New Fantasyland, Liberty Square, and Frontierland all the way back to Big Thunder. Naturally, we got the last row.


I haven’t been doing much drawing and sketching lately, but I got in a quick photo to work from for the next time I get cracking on a project:


Thankfully, it’s not abandoned and covered in evergreens.

I have a follow up exam scheduled for my new contact lenses. My trial pair isn’t quite right and it’s affecting my day to day activities. I’m back to Ye Olde Glasses for now. This may mean artwork will be a thing soon, so stay tuned!

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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