Book Update: Making Stuff Up

Okay, you guys… I’m freaking out.


Okay, you guys… I’m freaking out.

With all due respect to everyone who is having the worst time ever trying to write fiction, let alone anything else, I just finished a draft chapter of my ongoing book that is the SHIZZ. I mean it. I wouldn’t say that lightly.

I’m not just freaking out about the book progress itself, except to say “yay me”. No, I’m freaking out because being that this is fiction, I keep making (stuff) up, and that made up stuff turns out to have more than a grain of truth to it.

I have now reached the part of the story where Googling It could (but hopefully won’t) start to unravel the plot as I am trying to tease it along. It would be like having a pivotal scene where a snake tempts a naked woman with an apple. Here, let me Bible that for you. I totally threw a mental dart at the (completely made up) map and it landed on… Eden, for the sake of metaphor.

I’ll go at this another way. I suppose all good stories need conflict, right? Well, some conflicts are obvious, whereas others take some time to develop. I once posited that if you want to do this the easy way, in real life, put a kid in front of a goal and tell him or her, “whatever happens, do not allow the ball to go into this net.” And then take another kid, stand him or her up 10 yards away, and say, “whatever happens, put this ball in that net.” Boom, conflict. And each side has a clear motive.

My weird book is weird, and on a reasonably slow burn. There is conflict, but it’s very subtle (at first). So subtle that I thought an earlier chapter blew the thing wide open and was sooooo obvious, only to have all of my Advance Review Team (ART) tell me they had no clue what was actually going on. I mean, yes, they knew things (events) were happening and there was dialogue and stuff, but no goalie and no striker.

Having just wrapped this chapter, I am thinking that the ball and net are coming into view, albeit obliquely.

And I totally made stuff up. I’m freaking out!

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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