Sketchbook: Sunglasses vs Un-Glasses

As told on this very site, the lion’s share of my creative energy is being channeled toward writing a book. This means I haven’t been working on much else, artistically.

To further gum up the works, I finally went back to wearing contacts and have been acclimating yesterday and today. I found quickly that the only way to see anything sharply within about 3 feet of me involves reading glasses.

Today I whipped out the sketchbook and sketched up the sunglasses I am finally able to wear:


Meh. Passable.

I have the creeping feeling that I am going to have to wear my regular eyeglasses when drawing/sketching. I need the option to switch to my natural eyesight instead of being beholden to reading glasses. Or, I just have writing on the brain these days and am not giving drawing a fair trial. Both?

At some point the next Rapid Fire Art tutorial will go online and I’ll have something new to doodle over.

Anyway, the book writing is going well. Literally, more on that story later.


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