Book Update: Sympathy for the Hacks

Good gravy, everything that can hurt, does. And it’s not work or Disney World related… instead I did a Herculean amount of writing this weekend (starting Friday night) and sputtering out sometime on Sunday.

As of this update, I have completed 74 word document style, portrait oriented, standard spaced pages. I haven’t tested my theory but I assume that if this was landscape oriented and formatted in two columns, in the style of a book the page count would be approaching 130.


After reaching a particularly meaty stopping point, I decided to take the leap and send out the roughest of drafts to a friend of mine and to my sister. Jaime has been keeping up with the progress as well, whether she likes it or not. In all seriousness, I want to pause here and make a huge public show of gratitude for Jaime’s support through this entire arduous process. Thank you, honey! You’re the best ever!

Sample feedback:

“I have no idea what is going on.”

“Seems so far so good.”

“Finish the damn book already!”

/takes off reading glasses

Folks, you can’t buy reviews like this.

In even more seriousness, thank you to my advance review team (ART) for their support as well. It’s one thing writing until I (literally) drop in a vacuum, but I’m too close to the material to gauge its accessibility, and so forth. I’m not writing specifically for the widest possible audience (so, no car crashes and explosions… YET) but if it’s dreck, I kinda wanna know. I am intending to shop this to actual publishers when I am actually done (my stomach just flipped as I typed that) so getting a rough idea of how high of a rejection letter count to expect might help manage expectations.

In other news, I’m really enjoying writing this story. I have had the (planned) final scene of the book in the back of my mind for several years, and as a result only had one planned character, insofar as this has been planned at all. My ART friend asked what my writing process was and I said there is no outline… I am just flowing organically in hopes of landing near, on, or around the (planned) final scene. And that’s been the magic of writing this mess… the characters that have sprouted up around the central plot were completely unplanned. My goal as the story progresses, besides sticking the landing, is for anyone who reads it to set the book down and say “I KNOW these people!” No pressure.

At the present moment, I am not going to provide any excerpts. It’s way too soon for that. I was told by one of my ARTists that the genre wasn’t immediately clear, and that’s intentional, namely by way of my “organic” writing process. I don’t want to be boxed in by genre rules. So let’s file this under “Fiction” and “Drama”.

In closing, and thus explaining the title of this post, I have enormous respect for “hack” writers. I can’t comprehend how some of these authors produce so many books year after year. Jaime says “Mad Libs” but they had to at least write the initial Mad Libs template. Not easy! Well, not for me. I type with two fingers. Maybe if I could legit type, I’d be on Book Three by now.

More on the book progress later, as events warrant.

/Ices down typing fingers



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