Sketchbook: Bird of Paradise

I’m back, and revealing original artwork for a change.


I’ve been busy elsewhere, so not as many blog posts this week. Sad trombone!

Now I’m back, and revealing original artwork for a change. As in, I took the photo, and then I drew the picture. First the photo:


Next, the pencil drawing:


I had a bit of a “scale” problem, but rather than obsess over it I just kept going.

A few spots had been missed when I took the first photo so here is a more “complete” sketch of the flower and leaves:


Then I used my fancy colored pencils because nothing but the finest for my lady:


I even used a colorless blending pencil to really approximate the way the colors fade into each other, rather than just having hard and fast shadings. And finally, the net end result:


Whew! That was a lot of leaves to navigate!

As for my lady, today is our monthly anniversary. Ta da! I made this for you, Jaime! (It’s her favorite flower.) I went looking for Birds of Paradise plants that were in bloom and took a bunch of photos while I was out walking the dogs each evening. It was challenging at times but I managed to keep the project under wraps.

I was already well under way with this so I went with Plan A, however as a bonus here are more flowers and angles.




Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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