Sketchbook: The Barn in the Woods

As told elsewhere on this site, I’ve been working away on a sketch turned colored pencil drawing, and at long last the reveal is here!

First, the photo I worked from:


Photo credit: Olof Senestam (FreeImages)

I started with the baseline sketch:


Unlike the Forgotten drawing, I roughed in the barn with minimal fuss and managed to keep the proportions and so forth reasonably correct. For an amateur, anyway.

Next, colored pencil started to liven things up:


Rather than draw Rome in a day, I made a pointed effort to build the scene up bit by bit. I even made up some techniques for roughing in evergreens, until I never wanted to see another one ever again.


I decided to put some sky in the background because the trees were kind of turning into mush. I chipped in some black lines to add some definition but after a while I was just done doing evergreens.

And the finished project:


There’s so much colored pencil wax on there that it gives off a glare under office lighting.

I’m going to work on something else that isn’t an abandoned structure or a coloring pattern very soon.


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