New Colored Pencils PLUS Another Completed Coloring Pattern

Whoa, too much for a Monday! Let me see if I can break this into bite-sized chunks.


Whoa, too much for a Monday! Let me see if I can break this into bite-sized chunks.

First: I finished an actual drawing (pencil base with colored pencil finishing) but half of the files are on my home computer, and the other half are on my phone. So that story will appear tomorrow.

Second: I was pricing out colored pencils for the serious artist, and a) decided I’m not triple-digits-dollars serious, b) this is a completely unsolicited plug, but apparently Dick Blick slashes prices damn like whoa, and c) found out that Joann’s jacks their prices waaaaaay up, calling into question the “value” of their discount coupons. For example: The 120-pack of Prismacolor Premier pencils goes for about $93 at Blick, about $120 at Michaels, and $229 at Joann’s. (All the same set.)

However, I went foraging around at Joann’s anyway because 50% coupon, and found out that Spectrum Noir (of my go-to alcohol markers fame) also makes colored pencils. And! They’re actually a good value with the 50% coupon: $34.99 USD down to $19 with sales tax. Thus:


Here’s the inside of the box:


Ooooh, fancy!

So, what this meant was, my WIP drawing was at work, locked up in the filing cabinet, and all I had laying around were coloring patterns. I really wanted to try these pencils out, and therefore…

Third, I finished a coloring pattern today.





Now, this is going to be Snob City, but after getting into making raw art and going cold turkey off of coloring patterns this felt like a huge step backward for me. But, that’s not to say they’re terrible and nobody should enjoy them. As told above, I did want to try my colored pencils out and this got that done. They’re very “buttery” compared to the cheap stuff, say, at Dollar Tree.

I did use them a bit on my latest mini masterpiece (appearing tomorrow) but by then I had used so many cheapo colored pencils that I wasn’t getting the raw effect of the good stuff.

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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