Sketchbook: Skills Sharpening

It was a very hectic work day on Monday and there was barely time for any sort of art-related shenanigans except strictly for breaks and lunch. Sad trombone! But that’s okay, the day job is important. I fit in the art stuff when and where I can, both home and away. Today features a little of each.

Continuing with yesterday’s theme, I did the “the item closest to you is your subject, now sketch” thing and kept at it, turning the pencil sharpener at different angles to get used to approaching the same item from different angles.



Keeping the drawings small helped with the time crunch.

For my final attempt at the pencil sharpener, I decided to try using a blending stick. Since the sharpener is a dull metal and my dimly lit desk has rather fuzzy shadows it was best to try and mute the harshness of the shading that I was getting with pencil alone.



Progress! (Also, the sharpener and drawing got moved to stage the photo so they don’t match up.)

After work, I decided to keep the drive alive and switched to sketching a small screwdriver. It wasn’t an intentional reference to yesterday’s post about expending one’s (artistic) toolbox, but I guess my subconscious helped pick the subject.


I’m getting braver about “attacking” items to sketch out. I have to grudgingly admit admiration for a former co-worker’s famous personal motto:

I will do today with others WILL not,
So tomorrow I can do what others CAN not!

It seems insignificant, in the greater scheme of things, but remember that only last week sketching objects was NOT on my to-do list, like, ever. It was too daunting and I figured it would be a hot mess anyway so why bother? Well, here I am now, undaunted and bothering to try.


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