Original Artwork: Agnes

Well! After horsing around with various sorts of training wheels artistically, I finally did something of mine own. And before I get rolling with the pics and “making of” stories, I want to give big ups and much love to Darlene Nguyen and her fantastic site, Rapid Fire Art. I went from zero to artistic hero in the space of, mmm, 2 hours. Remember, I am fitting this in as able during my work day.

Yes, I was on the “art track” years ago (1987) and yes, I have drawn free-form portraits before. And as such, I have certain signature moves that I fall back on, whether I want to or not. So yes, they’re apparent in this sketch if you’re familiar with my prior works from back then. (Checking: So, maybe one of you? None? Fine, this is all new stuff!)

Anyway, I Googled how to draw hair using colored pencil, and found Rapid Fire Art. The tutorial made it look so easy that I whipped out my dusty and neglected sketch pad and tried it for myself. Sketch sketch sketch, add in some colored pencil action, and as they say in Texas, wa-la:


Boom! /colored pencil drop

Next, Darlene had a tutorial for beginners. I haven’t done full-on artwork in a really long time, so I decided to regress and try it out. Behold my stapler:



Well, me being me, I went right into “draw a female face (side view)” and here’s what happened:


I prefer long flowy hair on my artistic women, probably because it means less “body” to draw. Plus it’s soothing and relaxing to do those long flowy pencil lines.


After further colored pencil work, I have decided this is Agnes, one of the characters from the book I am writing. Yes, she’s so sad. But why? You’ll have to wait for the hardcover edition of the story!


Anyway, once more, thanks a million to Darlene Nguyen for getting me off of the crutches. Not to knock coloring patterns and the like. I’ve still got a pile of them.

(Final edit of the post, same day) Here she is, after some more fine-tuning:



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