Completed: VF-1J Battroid

For my next finished artwork, I’m going old school once more with an original series Macross reference. Fan art supplied by this Pixiv user (I could not find an accurate translation of the artist’s name, sorry). Behold, the VF-IJ Battroid:



Yeah yeah, you’re wondering which one of the Transformers this is. Wrong! If memory serves, Macross pre-dates the Transformers. Another distinction is that only certain things “transform” in the context of the greater story. So nyah. (I looked it up, Macross pre-dates the Transformers by 2 years.)

I can only speak to any degree of authority regarding the Americanized version of the show that we know as Robotech. The reveal as to why their fighter jets can/need to convert into this format was quite clever.

Anyway, with regard to the artwork, I really liked the sketch but the mecha was really difficult to color effectively. Less was more, in true Anime fashion.


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