Completed: Rogue, my favorite X-Men character

Big ups and much love to Phil Noto for drawing up a rendering of Rogue that humanizes her.


Once upon a time, I had a rather large comic collection. I had nine or ten filled boxes, filed neatly, with mylar sleeves and cardboard backings. And as Marvel comics went, the X-Men was one of my favorites. And of the many(!) characters, I gravitated to Rogue. I’m not quite sure why. I think it was partly because the X-Men was an ensemble comic and they did a good job of giving her storylines and alternately relegating her to a background image.

Here she is, in full view:


Fan art provided by Phil Noto.

Some things:

One, big ups and much love to Phil Noto for drawing up a rendering of Rogue that humanizes her. Rogue’s superpower, such as it is, is that she can absorb your memories. She wears gloves and other protective clothing to protect others from accidental contact.

Two, doing a Google Images search to get a good reference for what colors her outfit should be was tough going. There is no shortage of Rogue fan art, as fate would have it, and a good deal of it is at best softcore porn. Rogue definitely has to shop at the obnoxious bra sizes department, at the least. This affliction plagues many a fictional female character, apparently.

Rogue was never a sex object back when I collected comics. She had a back story, she was a young woman, and she had a complicated present. She wasn’t a pair of jugs.

So I commend Phil Noto for dialing back the sexy maneuvers and just getting to the essence of the character. And her expression says, “spandex, seriously? Dude.”

Will more comic art grace these pages? Heck yes! I don’t have a lot stored up at the moment but there will be more.

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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