Video Notes: Take a Hike With Us

Now that we’re officially blacked out from Disney World parks for two weeks, we’re taking time to check out other parts of central Florida. So today we went waaaaay up the street (10 minutes away) to the Black Bear Wilderness Area. Black bears? Wilderness? Area…? Excellent! /air guitar gesture

Click here for the video if it doesn’t appear below:


The official web site said that there could be bears, gators, and otters. Otters?!

Jaime had been hinting at possibly wanting to take a nature hike somewhere (she had a different place in mind, a little further north of us) and when I showed her the bit about “there may be otters” she was dressed and READY in no time. Pro tip: If you want Jaime to show up, and it doesn’t involve a Disney park or a Disney cruise, there had darn well better be otters.


I was surprised to see “boardwalk” in the early going of the trail. It was said to be a 7.1 mile loop and that’s a lot of lumber. Turns out, that was just “red carpet” boardwalk to fool you into taking a nature hike. Nope, in short order the boardwalk gave way to wild Florida, and good gravy the tree roots were awkward. It was hard to rubberneck and appreciate nature while walking. /trips


Next, it wasn’t long before we came across actual Florida swamp land. We hear stories about it, usually jokes, like “I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell you” but yeah, this was the real deal. So real that “Rainbow Connection” came immediately to mind, which on the whole is much better than “Dueling Banjos”.


After a week of pre-fab or otherwise “found” coloring patterns and projects, it was nice to get out there and see real flora and fauna, with bonus animals, even if they were young alligators.


Jaime spotted a woodpecker, then some people told us there was a barn owl dead ahead. Sure enough, a few feet later we heard it before we saw it:


Jaime made some sort of noise to get it to look in our general direction, and it did, then it made a screeeech that is probably what field mice hear before they die. If you watch the video, you can hear it for yourself. Just be prepared to take cover.

So were there bears? Were there otters? And what about… Naomi?

Click the video, and all will be revealed! Well, maybe not the Naomi part. Did the Electric Company ever answer that question, ever?


BTW, Jaime wore what she called “Pocahontas” braids as an otter attractant. I said if anything she would befriend a raccoon.


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