Completed: Angel of Truth

BOOM, goes the dynamite. I even resisted the urge to do “fantasy” hair color for her.


Your eyes may grow damp to recall my Four Pillars of personal interest, espoused in the very early going on this here site: Art, Music, Truth, and Beauty. Well, I guess I’ll have to write a 24-minute rock song to go with this one and I’ll have a virtual home run:


BOOM, goes the dynamite. I even resisted the urge to do “fantasy” hair color for her.

Another Selina Fenech freebie. Third in a four-part series! The fourth is in progress.

LOVE the wings. I think they’re my best yet!

Apparently the Angel of Truth borrows her outfits from Stevie Nicks.

Also, the Angel of Truth ain’t care… she’ll flap on in through your futuristic-looking window and pay more attention to her pet dove than to her surroundings, because that’s how she rolls.

But seriously folks, I’ll be kinda sad to conclude this series, but I have quite the slush pile of designs, both human(oid) and geometric/abstract. It’s really cool to see the black-and-white designs come alive when even the initial base colors are laid down. This has been a good exercise for me to try different approaches to a static theme, as opposed to “put. six. colors. on. it.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Another tangent, before I blow my shot at mentioning it: Speaking of music, back in my prolific songwriting days, I absolutely loathed the idea of playing covers if I ever got a band together. I wanted to play originals, and originals alone, even though I would play various covers as warm-up while practicing guitar. Now I’m being all prolific with the coloring, to the exclusion of any original artwork of my own. I think this is more of a symbiosis of artist-meets-colorist, and to that end it has been a good outlet for me to get way, way back into the Art Thing. I am gearing up to do some original artwork that does not in any way involve coloring patterns but I still enjoy doing them, and the older I get the less I feel I have to apologize for, or justify my personal preferences.

If that’s alright with you…?

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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