Completed: Rook Brantley

So! I told you that story to tell you this one. Let’s start first by showing:


I’m very pleased with how this turned out. I found someone’s fan art via Pinterest and thought, “hello, my name is Ethan, and I’ll be your colorist for this project.” Just like how the comics biz used to work. Maybe it still does! I haven’t looked at comics for a very long time.

I haven’t watched loads of Anime either. I looooooved Japanese animation back when, and still like to see it when and where I can. Here in the USA, we knew of the above character from a series called Robotech, which was really Macross and Southern Cross, with another completely different series called Mospeada forcibly annexed and re-jiggered to create a 3-series arc. Thus, we had Robotech, the Robotech Masters, and Robotech: The New Generation.


I spent countless hours mimicking the Anime style in my artwork back in high school (1986-1987, most prolifically). I assumed Rook Brantley would have had “fantasy hair” but nope, she is a brunette. Thanks to the magic of mixing up three different colored pencil sets (including commandeering my coworker’s set) I got a really rich brown-blonde blend. And the typical anime accent marks on female faces were like riding a bike for me. Still got it!

Here’s the original fan artist credit:


Great job on the sketch, Marcelo, however in true comics colorist fashion, I made some corrections as I went along. Not a dig… that’s as I recall how it goes (went?) in the pencils – ink – color world of professional comics art.

I showed this to a different coworker who spends a lot of time doing comics art and he a) called my finished product “dope” and b) thought he’d seen that motorcycle somewhere. He vaguely recalled Robotech but also agreed that lots of anime copies each other’s mecha.

This is not the last you’ve seen of Robotech and/or Macross on this site. Fair warning.


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