Completed: Angel of Joy

I used neon colored pencil for the background color and frame, so yeah, she’s even more stunning “in person”.


I got some massive coloring done on Tuesday. Pro tip: If you call my department, and get me, and announce that you’re going to filibuster the next 30 minutes of my day with Tales of Slight Relevance, I’m going to make “uh huh” noises while I color. Then I’ll put the colored pencils down and handle the actual business in five minutes or less, ask if there’s anything else I can assist you with, and then close the call.



I used neon colored pencil for the background color and frame, so yeah, she’s even more stunning “in person”.

My coworker suggested (nay, INSISTED) that I make her dress red, but it would have been much much too much. On the flip side, I loathe leaving white space in a coloring pattern because in my strange but justifiable view, leaving the white page is a cheat for coloring in, uh, white. So I tried adding grey, silver and blue accents to her otherwise white dress, and after further ado it is a pale delicate blue. Suitable for an angel.

The artist who created the drawing has a few more of these in the series and my plan (subject to change) is to finish all 4 designs and then frame them up, probably with cut matting to isolate each drawing. Or they’ll go in the “done” pile and I’ll do other things.

Oh – I had to Google a picture of a Sandhill Crane with its wings spread to get the general idea for her wing colors. They’re not exactly crane-ish but not as heavy as an eagle and not as cliche as a swan.

Meanwhile, I hit Pinterest hard on Monday night with my tablet and pinned the [marbles] out of various adult coloring designs. More on that story later… just brace yourself for an onslaught of coloring patterns that didn’t come from a book.

Jaime wants it known that Fashion Plates was the gateway drug for… fantasy women. I won’t use the word she actually used because I want to maintain an “all ages” rating for this site for the foreseeable future. I will say it starts with “p” and rhymes with “corn”.

What say you? Are pictures of angels that apparently flew too close to a shredder and uh, lost their underwear filth flarn filth in your (coloring) book?

Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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