Los Flores PLUS This Week’s WIP

After I blew through my “sea” pattern the other day, my co-worker offered up her coloring books and colored pencils if I still wanted to do artsy stuff. Heck yes! As told in the WIP It Good post, this one was “large format” (for me) at about 9×12 inches.



I tried messing around with gradients (meh) and instead crammed another color into the void. Instant tropical flowers, I’d say! I actually have no idea what sort of flowers these are, other than artistic ones. I Googled hibiscus and petunias to get a rough idea of what to do with the petals.

I gave the finished print back to my co-worker who a) did the oh-so-girly “awwwWWWWwww!” upon seeing it and b) is cutting it up to be her new mouse pad design.

As for this week’s WIP (work in progress)…

I started doing this “cobblestone” pattern and I was going for, well, not photo-realistic but certainly reminiscent of brick pavement. Here’s the early going:


I actually finished the center circle and radiated out fully to one side, then almost to the other end. But, it got really tedious and samey for me. I wanted figure drawings, after my hits and misses with Jaime’s Fashion Plates set.

After some quality time on Pinterest, here is my current model:


“Angel of Joy” by Selina Fenech.

She had other free-for-personal-use designs on her site, so if this is your bag, baby, get your own!

Right now I have a blue-into-green ombre thing going on with her hair. That’s all I had time for in between actual work. It got lots of oohs and ahhhs from everyone who saw it so far (so, my 2 closest co-workers by vicinity) and the female one said, “totally red dress… all the way.” Not sure. I was going to do brown. I think it’s because the laces seem like leather thong to me. There’s still time to make decisions.

Whatcha making this week? Let me know!


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