A Quick Sixer: Everything is Connected

Oh, adult coloring patterns, how I wish I could quit you. But alas and alack, they’re so convenient!

I found yet another pattern in my pocket-sized book that grabbed me, which is to say it was the first of three that I was able to neatly remove from the book. The other two got torn awkwardly despite my better efforts. Oh well.

Then I selected 6 markers deliberately (as opposed to at random) and got cracking:


The word that stuck in my head as I studied the design was “tribal”. With all due respect to the various tribes out there, I have no idea if that’s true or not, but that was the adjective that informed my decision making. Full disclosure.

Here’s the finished result:


If I have my psychiatric terms correct, this was an OCD-sufferer’s nightmare. The pattern seems symmetrical, but the hard truth is, it seems to have been slapped together by the pattern creator and as a result certain patterns that should repeat reliably, don’t. It really messed with my color planning.

Here’s the back side:


More artwork is in the pipeline, no worries.


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