Video Notes: Where the Wild Gators Are

Jaime and I are taking this weekend off from Disney World, and then we’re blacked out on our annual passes for two more weekends. While we’re away, I’m using this opportunity to check out some other local sights.

To that end, I tried going to the Black Hammock Wilderness Area trailhead and despite my better pre-planning efforts, was greeted with this when I got to the parking area:


Turns out, if I would have done one more Google search, I would have found out the trail was closed due to a recent wildfire.

Oh well… I went back toward familiar territory and would up at Overlook Park. It features a boardwalk that people use as a fishing pier and allegedly wild alligators may be spotted in the general vicinity.

Now, as yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our arrival in Florida to get jobs and housing with the intent of relocating here permanently, this also marks the anniversary (a bit less than a year but close) of my first sighting of wild alligators. From the same spot, actually!

Here is the full video from today’s excursion. Click here if it does not show below:


Today I absolutely shattered my “wild gator sightings” record. It was a low bar: 2. See how many I counted today by watching the video!

Overlook Park is something of an unappreciated gem. It’s very plain, and the major features are the boardwalk and a covered picnic table area that apparently got touched up over the winter by the park district. I like how much wildlife tends to congregate in such a small area, but that’s just me, apparently.


Though you wouldn’t know it by the volume of Disney videos we make, there really is more to Central Florida than just theme parks. If you get the chance to check out any of the many “wild” Florida parks and trails, it’s totally worth it. Just make sure you’ve got your bug spray, especially if you’re planning on hiking.



For the record, Jaime and I still can’t believe we live in Florida. Not sure when it’s going to sink in.


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