WIP It Good

As per usual, I went from pining away for more creativity in my life to being knee-deep in projects.



As told previously, I was in a mood Wednesday night. Namely, everything I touched was crap, I was a talentless hack, and so on and so forth. Such is the way of the creative arts!

However, Thursday was a whole other story. I had a pile of things to work on (creatively, not to mention my Day Job), I took Jaime’s massive art supply kit to work like a briefcase, and I went to town on a coloring pattern given to me by one of my colleagues:


It’s rather “large format” for me at roughly 8.5 x 11″. The famous coloring squares are about 6×6″ and the latest pocket design book is 4×6″. I saw a thingy on Pinterest about various art styles as applied to adult coloring books and I decided to give some techniques a try. One such method was to do gradients with colored pencil. The end result (I didn’t pin it and I’m disinclined to seek it out, sorry) was that the design looked metallic. While kinda cool, it was also a one-trick pony.

Oh ho, but as applied to the flowers shown above, it gave the opening to fool around with color banding instead, giving visual interest to what could very easily default into flat colors over a color-by-numbers design.

Lots of heads turned at work as people saw the progress developing. I am looking forward to posting it here when it is complete.


When I was coloring in one of the Fashion Plates designs (and hating nearly every minute of it, with exceptions… I told you I was in a mood) I was struck with a story idea,

I’ve long felt that I have at least one book in me, and I never could get it together where plot + characters = something anyone would want to read. I had half-formed ideas but I never could make the “what’s in it for me” connection with respect to the protagonist(s). It’s kind of like the common pro complaint from hacks that say “I can’t write plots, only dialogue.” I was like those hacks, and being well informed of the pros being so over it, I waited for all of the pieces to fit together.

Pow! Kismet.

Totally new story, totally new plot and characters, totally something I would write, and hopefully someday something people will want to read. In-between everything else I had going on at work I fired up a Word document and typed “Chapter 1” and off I went. I even have a title!

I tend to edit as I type, fiction or otherwise, and this time I am going to try and just let the raw draft pour out and clean it up later. I was reminded of the adage “every story can have a happy ending… it just depends on where you stop.” Beginning the story… that’s my hang-up.

Thus, as per usual, I went from pining away for more creativity in my life to being knee-deep in projects.

Off to finish Chapter 1, then.

(Edited to add: I finished chapter 2. They’re short chapters, but after several years of Not Writing Books this is a massive leap forward for me.)

Author: Ethan Johnson

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