A Sixer of the Sea PLUS Random Art

I brought another mini coloring pattern to work on Wednesday and intended to work on it during breaks and lunch again, however thanks to a slow start to the work day, I got a lot accomplished. I was easily 80% done by about 10:30am. To be fair, I got to work really early so I had a head start.


I took that picture just before my work day officially started.

Also, I used a sunglasses case to bring my allotment of Six Markers to work with me. Clever, eh?

(For the brand conscious, if not the curious as to How I Did That, I used 3 #coloring markers and 3 Spectrum Noir, all blue variants.)

Anyway, the design reminds me of Asian art (Japanese or Chinese, depending on how you look at it) where they’d do those loopy swirls to represent either a) a body of water of some sort or b) the wind. I’m going with “water” and thus the sea is rather worked up.

Here’s the final result:


Here’s the slightly less interesting – in my estimation – back side:


Ehhh. It’s not nearly as striking as the one I did on Tuesday.

Also, as I move on to the “random art” portion of the program, my underlay card to catch the brush strokes on the edges and/or any possible bleed-through on the design itself is becoming a work of art of its own:


Tuesday night during my regularly scheduled bout of insomnia I got out the Fashion Plates box again and this time did a pencil rubbing of just the top half of one of the stencils and used it as an excuse to try alcohol markers instead of either crayon (included in the box) or colored pencil (not included but fancier). I liked how the model appears to be materializing out of nothingness, so I threw in a Tao Te Ching reference for good measure:


“Being itself is the product of Not-being.” – Tao, Chapter 40 (Wiley translation)

Wednesday night I tried doing a full on marker drawing using the Fashion Plates set but I really didn’t like how it turned out, from the get-go. I decided to finish just enough to call it “good enough for the blog” and move on.


I decided to give a rough idea of the sorts of drawings I was most interested in doing back in High School. I was all hopped up on Anime and actual Manga (thanks to an actual Japanese book shop in town at the time, among other sources) and really liked the aesthetic.

Ultimately, I got fed up with The Usual and am balking at the training wheels, either in the form of coloring patterns or Fashion Plates templates. I think these were good tools for getting me back on the art thing, and while yes I will be still doing more coloring patterns in the future, I also want to branch out into something more free-form and original, to me.

I don’t have a firm idea of what that will entail yet but I have faith that I’ll find something to work on.

I will note in closing that it felt good to get that “moving over to the right brain” sensation that I haven’t had in a very long time. I actually got it when I was sketching up the full-length model shown above. Progress!


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