Fashion Plates – Just for the girls?


Jaime ordered the mega super duper supreme edition of “Fashion Plates”, which women of a certain age may associate with their childhood, like Jaime does. After this purchase, I have concluded that adulthood is a second crack at childhood. Now, there’s nobody to say no! Or now, there’s money to buy the stuff you missed out on when your allowance was comparatively little!

It seems to be the same for dudes, and Star Wars stuff. Just sayin’.

Jaime demonstrates how it works (click here for the video if the embedded one doesn’t show up):

Pretty much seconds after the initial outline appeared, I liked the “sketchbook” quality of the picture. Jaime likes the many patterns to mix and match, and by the way, I have to ask why that’s okay in the realm of “Fashion Plates” but when I wear a patterned shirt with differently patterned shorts, in public, I’m an embarrassment. #bitter

(Look, the only fashion rule I adhere to is “belt matches shoes”.)

Anyway, Jaime got to cracking on her designs and re-living her childhood:




Is it all coming back to you, ladies (and gentlemen?), as you look at these?

Well, she had her fun, so I had my turn:


Jaime want to know why my drawing looks slutty. Guess it’s the bare midriff? I’m just working with what the toy maker gave me, here!

I did go with purple hair as a nod to the many anime-inspired drawings I did in High School.

Tonight as I write this (Monday night for publication on Tuesday – that”s how I roll on weeknights) I wanted to do something artsy, and unfortunately the coloring pattern I tried to cut out of my pocket sized adult coloring book got horribly mangled in the process and I lost my mojo for that line of artsy inquiry.

I eyed the Fashion Plates box, and fancied another go.

(Hey, now.)

This time I trimmed a Southwest Airlines email printout in half and inserted the blank part into the template-o-matic. I picked some plates, and made the outline. Then I decided to really go off-script and try some things out.

Here’s what came of that:


I gave her hair some flyaways, went with red this time because Why Not, and tried adding some definition as per her apparently painted-on bottom half. Since the outfit was kinda uniform-y in an anime kind of way I went with it and decided to make a vignette explaining why this chick is “just” standing around. I drew a bay window with some undefined planet in the background.

Ta da! Instant artistic accomplishment!

By the way, my attempt at blush with a pink pencil gave her a sunken cheekbone. Oh well, this is why I don’t design women for a living.


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