New Week, Another 6-Color Challenge

I wasn’t planning on making another 6-color challenge anytime soon, but when I was in Chicago recently I bought another set of Spectrum Noir markers. And then after our latest trip to Epcot, we stopped off at Ollie’s and Jaime got to see where I’ve been getting our coffee supply.

While we were there, I simply had to grab another adult coloring book, because WHY WOULDN’T I:


Only $1.99!

And unlike the rest of my adult coloring book collection, I put this to immediate use:


So, as should be evident from the above photo, I have a massively debilitating adult coloring book addiction No wait, I meant to say that I’ve graduated from coloring squares to coloring rectangles. Geometry: Making coloring patterns… bigger!

I spent a large part of Sunday working on this, and thanks to the magic of Staying Focused, I came up with this completed design:


This was thinner paper than the coloring squares, and as a result it felt like the marker tip was going to push right through it. Thankfully it didn’t, and the design didn’t bleed through too badly but it did bleed through more than the fancy coloring squares, like so:


Seriously… I need to do something with that stained (or frosted) glass effect sometime.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that we didn’t sit around the apartment all day… I saw how nice the weather was and we went all the way (50 steps or so) to the pool! Where I napped, but at least got some Sun in the process.


I didn’t measure the pages of this new coloring book but the patterns seem to trim neatly to 4×6 inches, so framing is an option. Not that I have any immediate framing plans. Right now my finished designs are ending up in a stack off to the side.

More art later, as the week progresses.


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