Video Notes: Showcase SURVIVOR Episode 5, Round 1 – Mexico vs Morocco

After a bit of a break due to my quick trip to Chicago, we were back at Epcot today to wrap principal, secondary and tertiary filming for the Showcase SURVIVOR tournament. Four pavilions have already been sent back to Disney University for re-imagining.

This time, Mexico takes on Morocco in another match-up that seems equally suited for something FIFA would put on, even as an international friendly.

See how it all went down, and who advances to the long-awaited Second Round by ether clicking here or watching below:


I won’t spoil this or any other ending here… I will say that apparently we had some issues getting our voting cards straightened out and that got a little visually, if not procedurally, distracting. Oh well.

What will happen next is that the Final Five pavilions will advance to face USA in the second round. USA will be scored against the same criteria as everyone else, and then in a very FIFA-ish move, we’ll drop the bottom two pavilions off of the list and the Final Four pavilions will have the ultimate final showdown for round three.

We enjoyed doing this, and while we don’t immediately have plans to make this a yearly thing (maybe we’d do it again in five years) it was fun and interesting to see how the pavilions rated across a wide range of categories.

We don’t expect everyone to go over the World Showcase with a fine-toothed comb at every visit, but if you’ve only glanced at the pavilions superficially you’d do well to take a closer look. Easy for us to say, as we’re no longer cramming everything into a few days per year.

Stay tuned for Round Two! Thanks for watching.


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