Video Notes: Two Trips

I just got back from a quick trip to Chicago. Sadly, I didn’t have a car so I was pretty well at the mercy of others in terms of getting around. Even more sadly there wasn’t time to go everywhere and see everybody so there will (sigh) just have to be a next time.

The corresponding video is here:

All in all it was a good visit. I got to see my sister and brother-in-law’s new house and my nuclear family was together once more.

Fortunately the weather was favorable. March isn’t always a good idea to be flying into Chicago.

TSA was about a 20 minute wait on Friday and maybe 3 minutes on Sunday.

When we decided to move to Florida, one decision point was that Chicago would be the cheaper vacation. Kinda! I spent my allowance on art supplies, so this will surely translate into more “lookit what I did” art posts.

Speaking of art, my niece is Very Serious about her artwork. She has an art table and my sister encouraged her to draw something for me, so I tore a page out of one of the adult coloring books I bought this weekend and lent her the metallic markers they gave me for my birthday. This is what she did with the materials:


She was Very Serious when she worked on it. It turned out very well, I must say!


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