What Kind of Markers Do I Use?

Question: What types of markers do I use?

Answer: Mostly alcohol markers.


Question: What types of markers do I use?

Answer: Mostly alcohol markers.

(Note: This is the extended remix of my prior post about my adventures in coloring squares.)

In the beginning (harp music) I got a set of 4 “brush” markers at Dollar Tree for – wait for it – $1 USD. I used them to color a sketch pad cover and really got into “adult coloring” despite using the cheapest possible art supplies. They were actually felt-tip markers with the tip cut into a brush shape, like so:


They got the job done, but I wanted the feel (and effect) of actual brush tip markers, namely due to the terrible influence of Pinterest. So I got a set of 8 brush-tip markers at Michaels (their house brand) that had actual brush tips but were prone to shed bristles:


Well, it wasn’t long afterwards (or in parallel? I can’t remember) that I started getting hopped up on buying 5-packs of alcohol markers that were branded with the #coloring label, and compared to the cheap stuff (never mind that the 5 packs retailed for $10 and I did my best to get them for half price) I LOVED the feel of them, and how vibrant they were.


Sadly, before I could get all of the sets, Michaels declared that they were seasonal (?!) and dropped them from their roster. So a sales clerk recommended Spectrum Noir, which retails for $25 per 6-pack but she said “use your 50% off coupon”. Scooooore.


When they’re good, they’re verrrrrry good. However, some of the colors are too dark and heavy, and really overpower whatever you’re coloring with them. I am aware that this is more of a feature than a bug, as they don’t necessarily expect that you’re strictly going to use them in coloring books, even their own fancy kind (shown below).


I have one more design to go from the booklet (there are 8 designs, provided 2 apiece):


I do want to branch out and do some other sorts of drawing, with markers or otherwise. I really do like these coloring squares and feel they were worth the money – I think this booklet wasn’t more than $8 max, without any discounts.

Next question..?

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