Front and Back

I swear I am almost done posting things about coloring squares.

Thanks to me knocking my drink over this evening, I discovered another 6-color challenge that I completed recently:


For this one, I put all of my Spectrum Noir markers in a bag and mixed them up. Then I pulled 6 colors at random out of the bag and hoped they weren’t 6 variants on the same color:


Not terrible!

As seen in the “after” photo at the top of this posting, the purple was especially heavy. Finding the right small touches was indeed challenging as it was just too strong for much else, especially against softer colors.

I kept meaning to get a shot of this, and today’s the day. Alcohol markers saturate the paper (especially compared to felt tip marker) and as a result you get bonus artwork on the back side of the square, like so:


I haven’t had it bleed through so badly that I needed paper towel or something underneath, but the booklet of squares does include a blotter page that I was using faithfully until it got misplaced. Oh well.

I want to do one with “just” #coloring markers but that will have to wait until next week sometime.


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