Hello Again, World

Welcome to my world.


Over the past few weeks, I’d gotten just about fed up with using Facebook. I got tired of the “smokestacks” that spew out (read: post to their timelines) re-posts from other “smokestacks” (right or left-leaning sites) that in turn apparently have the sole aim of smothering Facebook feeds the world over with real or faux outrage.

My personal favorite, in that down-is-up sort of way, are the posts that toss out a single statement and then invite others to vote using the “react” system, which really doesn’t do much to give an idea how the voting is going except that someone voted, using a reaction icon. The results tend to skew dead even, at “heart” vs “irate face”.


This is not to say that having even a modicum of political awareness is a bad thing. Please, by all means, seek to be informed about issues that affect you, if not others. But they won’t be solved by clicking a “sad face” icon on Facebook.

So, I took a moment to evaluate my options. Quit using Facebook? Dial it back to once a week, like something cheeky in the way of “Facebook Friday”? Or perhaps some other approach?

Twitter, by the way, is a non-starter. I have used it in the past, and cut all ties with it, full stop. If I thought Facebook was a cesspool I don’t even want to contemplate what Twitter has become.

After further ado, I have decided to keep using Facebook. Despite its many flaws the hard fact is, I now live in Florida and the bulk of my family lives Everywhere Else. Facebook is a good way to keep in touch at-a-glance. Same for friends and acquaintances.


I also need an outlet just for me. The videos my wife and I produce are for us. (And others – we do make videos with an audience in mind besides just us.)

Enter this blog.

I’m not seeking to be a Thought Leader or speak at the eternal TED conference (I’m so out of it that TED probably ended 5 years ago). This is space for me, to examine that which interests me, and to explore lines of inquiry that frankly doesn’t fit neatly into the Facebook bucket.

Welcome to my world.


Author: Ethan Johnson

Words like silent raindrops.

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