WIP It Good


As told previously, I was in a mood Wednesday night. Namely, everything I touched was crap, I was a talentless hack, and so on and so forth. Such is the way of the creative arts!

However, Thursday was a whole other story. I had a pile of things to work on (creatively, not to mention my Day Job), I took Jaime’s massive art supply kit to work like a briefcase, and I went to town on a coloring pattern given to me by one of my colleagues:


It’s rather “large format” for me at roughly 8.5 x 11″. The famous coloring squares are about 6×6″ and the latest pocket design book is 4×6″. I saw a thingy on Pinterest about various art styles as applied to adult coloring books and I decided to give some techniques a try. One such method was to do gradients with colored pencil. The end result (I didn’t pin it and I’m disinclined to seek it out, sorry) was that the design looked metallic. While kinda cool, it was also a one-trick pony.

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A Sixer of the Sea PLUS Random Art

I brought another mini coloring pattern to work on Wednesday and intended to work on it during breaks and lunch again, however thanks to a slow start to the work day, I got a lot accomplished. I was easily 80% done by about 10:30am. To be fair, I got to work really early so I had a head start.


I took that picture just before my work day officially started.

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6 Colors, Will Travel

It’s time for the almost daily “I made this” report.

Apparently, what started out as a (self-imposed) challenge has evolved into “how I roll.” I decided to take some markers and a coloring pattern to work on Tuesday and filled it in during breaks, lunches, and idle time. I nearly completed in in a single work day (and yes, I got actual work done) and I’ve determined that for the most part, 6 colors is all I really need to accomplish things with my various coloring patterns. Behold:


Check out the back side:

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Fashion Plates – Just for the girls?


Jaime ordered the mega super duper supreme edition of “Fashion Plates”, which women of a certain age may associate with their childhood, like Jaime does. After this purchase, I have concluded that adulthood is a second crack at childhood. Now, there’s nobody to say no! Or now, there’s money to buy the stuff you missed out on when your allowance was comparatively little!

It seems to be the same for dudes, and Star Wars stuff. Just sayin’.

Jaime demonstrates how it works (click here for the video if the embedded one doesn’t show up):

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New Week, Another 6-Color Challenge

I wasn’t planning on making another 6-color challenge anytime soon, but when I was in Chicago recently I bought another set of Spectrum Noir markers. And then after our latest trip to Epcot, we stopped off at Ollie’s and Jaime got to see where I’ve been getting our coffee supply.

While we were there, I simply had to grab another adult coloring book, because WHY WOULDN’T I:

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Video Notes: Flower and Garden Grill

I decided to go with a common Wheel of Fortune gimmick for the name of this week’s Weekends at Disney video: They combine two phrases, such I did here where “Flower and Garden” mashes up with “Garden Grill”. Okay fine, I wasn’t really coming up with much in the creative video titles department.

Here is the video:


We enjoyed the all-you-care-to-eat buffet at the Garden Grill, but forgot that Spring Break means Spring Forward on the prices for a few weeks. We used our 20% annual pass discount and it brought it just under $100 USD after tip. OUCH! I would have been happy with a bowl of cereal at home, had I known that going in.

Ah well, we don’t get table side visits from Mickey and Pluto at home. You can’t put a dollar value on that.

On our way home, we stopped off at a few places and I got a pocket sized adult coloring book. I like the smaller designs, as seen in my many coloring square posts. I am looking forward to working on at least one design tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy the video!

Video Notes: Showcase SURVIVOR Episode 5, Round 1 – Mexico vs Morocco

After a bit of a break due to my quick trip to Chicago, we were back at Epcot today to wrap principal, secondary and tertiary filming for the Showcase SURVIVOR tournament. Four pavilions have already been sent back to Disney University for re-imagining.

This time, Mexico takes on Morocco in another match-up that seems equally suited for something FIFA would put on, even as an international friendly.

See how it all went down, and who advances to the long-awaited Second Round by ether clicking here or watching below:


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How I #BuJo: The Definitive Guide

One thing is certain: if it was popular in the last 5 years, and I recently started doing it, whatever it is can be officially shelved as OVER.

Today’s victim: Bullet Journaling (or #BuJo, as they used to say until I did).

If you don’t base all of your life decisions on what’s “in” these days, and you’re wondering if Bullet Journaling actually accomplishes anything besides being Pinterest and Instagram food (read: you want a minimalist, and frankly masculine approach to the medium), then this is the article for you.

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Da Square

Why, yes, I am posting about coloring squares… u mad?

Truthfully, I just finished my final coloring square for a while. I only have one unfinished design left, and as told in a prior post I’m not feeling much love for it. Which opens the door to drop in this question as posed by the Isn’t She Crafty blog, which caught my attention by being my first to comment on this site:

Does anyone else buy things, get really excited by them, then tidy them away and even at times forget all about them? I only do this with crafty bits, but I’m really bad for it.

Heck yes! My wife and I have quite the stash going ourselves, without veering into hoarder territory. We do use our craft stuff eventually, but at the moment I loaded up on art supplies when I was in Chicago (as one does) and I have a stack of unused coloring books and markers (among other goodies) sitting and waiting. Ah, well.

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