Why I Won’t Use Twitter

Every weekday morning, I scroll through my Regular Reading Rotation (RRR) and check out the news of the day. I have recently added Bloomberg News to the mix, because why not, and saw this nugget:

Twitter knows it is swimming against a strong current. The company has said it is focused this year on winning more users and on turning non-fictional profits. That is grand but it’s really Twitter’s only choice when its revenue is falling.

Well, I’m here to announce that I’m Part of the Problem(tm). I refuse to use Twitter, but for some reason I have a magnetic attraction to listicles on BuzzFeed like “literally 39 tweets that will make you say ‘hmmm’.”

I was a Twitter user, once, and having dumped it years ago I don’t miss it. In the interests of unsolicited feedback, these are but a few of the reasons why I have no desire to return:

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Notes from the Field: July 11 2017

Yep, that’s me, hard at work pretending to be editing my book manuscript.

But! I’m about 1/3 of the way through marking it up. I need to spend some more time marking up the other 2/3, but Jaime and I have some personal stuff happening this week (hence no Disney video this past weekend, as an aside to anyone who came over here from YouTube wondering where we went) and I’ve been spending my nights working on Book Two because of course I am. I really do need to get back to Book One, and I promise I will. I kinda have to, unless I can pull off some sort of George Lucas thing and start in the middle, then release Book One 20 years later or something.

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Book Update: Juggling

As they say in England, things are hotting up here:

  • Jaime is about 1/4 of the way through the Book One manuscript. To recap, she wants to read it once through as a story and then I’ll work on Draft Three and fix typos and other issues. The story will expand and contract where appropriate.
  • I just finished chapter three of Book Two. Unlike Book One, I don’t have a working title for this one yet. I figure it will reveal itself as I make progress.
  • Book Two has required a fair amount of research, lately. I really don’t want to pull people out of the story by way of ill-informed fiction. But I don’t want to enumerate the parts of a carriage, either. Being informed of the topic is my strategy for giving a touch of realism without getting too bogged down in specifics.
  • It feels good to get back in touch with the characters, and advance the plot. If nothing else, some of the Book Two material could get assimilated by Book One, depending on what makes sense when I get back to editing that manuscript.
  • This is Classic Me, by the way. I went from “can’t write a book” to “I’m working on two at once.” Typical.
  • No, I have zero interest in NaNoWriMo. Just saying, preemptively.
  • Barring the unforeseen, this is shaping up to be a trilogy, because what other way is there to produce fiction? I really don’t want to beat it into the ground like Dune and its many sequels.

Anyway, back to it. Here’s hoping this pans out!